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Jersey Coast Shark Anglers Scholarship Award

Application process is now CLOSED!

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist a student who is entering college with the intended field of study leading to a degree in the Marine Sciences, especially Marine Biology, Oceanography, or the Environmental Sciences.


Those students, who are presently seniors within the Ocean County or Monmouth County public school systems, as well as a child of any member of the Jersey Coast Shark Anglers / Riviera Beach Boat Club, will be considered for this award.


The award of the scholarship will be based upon the following criteria:

  1. Intended major in college must lead to a degree in Marine Sciences, Marine Biology, Oceanography, or related Environmental Sciences.

  2. Academic Record:  GPA – please enclose transcripts.

  3. Academic Record:  SAT or ACT scores – please enclose transcripts.

  4. Activities and interests.

  5. Honors and leadership awards.

  6. Letters of Recommendation (3).

  7. Personal essay – no longer than one typewritten page.


Selection will be made, and the scholarship awarded based upon the above, after careful consideration of the information submitted by each applicant, by a committee composed of educational, community, civic, and religious leaders.  A non-voting chairman from the J.C.S.A. /R.B.B.C. will be appointed and will be responsible for the handling of all applications.


This year two scholarships will be awarded.  The amount of each scholarship is a one-time FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLAR ($1500.00) grant, payable prior to the fall semester upon presentation of a letter of acceptance.


Applications must be postmarked no later than April 21, 2024.


Completed application should be returned to:


Scholarship Committee

385 Herbertsville Road

Brick, NJ, 08724


 An important part of your application will be the required three letters of reference.  One must be from your guidance counselor, together with your high school transcript and college test scores.  Choose carefully the other two people you select.  They should be well acquainted with you, but not related.  These letters of reference should be enclosed with your application in an envelope sealed and signed across the seal by the person writing your reference.


Another important area will be your essay.  Basically, tell us about yourself.  It would help if we were to know your areas of interest and special activities.  Also, be sure to tell us your reasons for choosing to seek a degree in Marine Biology, Oceanography, the Marine Sciences or a related Environmental Science.  We enjoy the rivers, bays, and ocean found around us.  We would like to give our scholarship to someone that is interested in these areas also.  Please limit your essay to one type-written page. 


The scholarship committee feels that it is important for all applicants to be judged by educational, community, civic, and religious leaders.  A non-voting chairman has been selected and it will be their responsibility to organize all applicants and ensure they are properly processed. 


In review, you must submit the following in one complete package postmarked by April 15, 2024:

  1. Completed application form.

  2. Academic records – GPA and transcripts.

  3. Academic records – SAT or ACT and results.

  4. Activities and interests, honors and awards sections filled out.

  5. Letters of recommendation (3).

  6. Personal essay.

A letter of acceptance may follow.


Recent winners have come from Bayville, Point Pleasant, Point Pleasant Beach, Brick, and Manalapan. 


The officers and members of the Jersey Coast Shark Anglers/Riviera Beach Boat Club wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in helping to preserve our water planet and to wish you all good fishing!

Click Here to download the application.

Past JCSA Scholarship Winners

Please take a moment to read some of the letters we received from past recipient scholarship winners 

by clicking on the name of the recipient below!

JCSA 2024 Scholarship Recipient Winners

  • Owen H Wright

  • Jake Lindmark

JCSA 2021 Scholarship Recipient Winners

JCSA 2017 Scholarship Recipient Winners

JCSA 2023 Scholarship Recipient Winners

  • Tasha King

  • Stephanie Maulshagen

JCSA 2019 Scholarship Recipient Winners

JCSA 2016 Scholarship Recipient Winners

JCSA 2022 Scholarship Recipient Winners

JCSA 2018 Scholarship Recipient Winners

  • Brianna Paige Astorino

JCSA 2015 Scholarship Recipient Winners

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