Jersey Coast Shark Anglers

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​​​​​​​​The Jersey Coast Shark Anglers have continued to sponsor five fishing tournaments for the upcoming 2018 year.


Spring Striper Marathon


Mako Fever Tournament


Fluke Tournament

The following are the results for our 2018 Fluke Tournament:
1st Place - Phil Pellagra - 7.8lbs
2nd Place - Kellen Steskal - 6.7lbs
Mike Placko - 6.7lbs
3rd Place - Stan Czekay - 6.0lbs
Mark Baker - 6.0lbs

There was also 1 fluke which would have qualified for a place but actually was disqualified for weighing in prior to the official start weigh time which was 3:00pm as stated on our

Rules and Regulations page.

There was no JCSA weigh master or tournament chairperson present at the time of this weigh in.

​​Fall Striper Catch & Release Winners

Jim Earley 94.25 inch (49" & 45 1/4")

Bob Lake 91.75 inch (48" & 43 3/4")

Don Florio 88.25 inch (46 1/4" & 42")

Bluefish Calcutta Winner

Mark Mastrojohn 24 3/4"

Blackfish Tournament

​Finals Results

1st Kyle O’ Conner 4.6 lbs
2nd Gary Erdelyi. 3.2 lbs
3rd John O’Conner 3.0 lbs

Other weigh-ins:

Mike Hudak 2.3 lbs
Tony Waclawski 2.2 lbs
Luk Bakerian 2.1 lbs
Paul Beck 1.9 lbs

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