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​​​​​​​​The Jersey Coast Shark Anglers have continued to sponsor five fishing tournaments for the upcoming 2019 year.


Spring Striper Marathon


1st Place - Chris La Grossa - 53 lbs 1 oz
2nd Place - Bob Lake - 45.15 lbs
3rd Place - Phil La Grossa - 44.6 lbs


Mako Fever Tournament


1st Place - Seaquester - Mako - 402lbs

​2nd Place - Rage - Thresher - 487lbs

3rd Place - ​Hello Dolly - Thresher - 336lbs

4th Place - Reel Shark - Thresher - 181lbs

5th Place - ACX-Cape II - Thresher - 148lbs


Fluke Tournament

​​Fall Striper Catch & Release

Blackfish Tournament

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Jersey Coast Shark Anglers

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