Jersey Coast Shark Anglers


1 At least one representative MUST attend the Captains’ Meeting to register and receive all pertinent tournament information.

All other anglers are required to have the appropriate required NJ Salt Water Registry or Licenses applicable.

2 Prizes will be awarded to the 3 heaviest Makos and/or thresher. Mako takes precedence on scale.

3 In case of a tie, the first shark weighed in will be declared the winner.

4 Checkouts via text to (732) 773-9210 to declare fishing days by midnight prior to declared day.

5 All boats must display their entry number on both sides of the boat so it may be seen by both the check in committee and also other participants.

6 All boats must be in the Manasquan Inlet by 7:00 pm in order to weigh in eligible SHARKS-NO EXCUSES.

7 All Federal and State Rules and Regulations prevail.

8 Positively no transferring of fish between angler and/or boat.

9 All anglers fish at their own risk. The Captain and crew are solely responsible for their boat and personal safety.

10 All winners must submit their social security number and picture ID before the prizes are awarded.

They must fill out all paperwork at the time of the awards and submit the same prior to receiving cash prizes No exceptions.

A1099 form will be issued and filled out by all winners.

11 All fish shall be weighed in their natural state - No Jaws Wired.

12 The Tournament may be cancelled or postponed by the Tournament Committee.

13 Any protest must be presented to the Committee Person while the fish is on the scale.

The Committee Person and Weigh Master shall serve as judge and all decisions shall be final.

14 JCSA will retain a certified Marine Biologist to insure that each qualifying fish has been caught during the tournament hours and the method of catch was rod and reel.

15 If there is any alleged infraction or question about the winning fish the ANGLER will be asked to take a POLYGRAPH TEST AT HIS OR HER OWN EXPENSE.

If the angler refuses he or she will automatically forfeit the Place in the tournament and ALL MONIES WON.

16 All Tournament Committee decisions are final.

17 This is a Mako/First Tournament. Minimum size is 71 inches fork length for male Mako, 83 inches fork length for female, and 66 inches minimum fork length for Thresher.

All fish weighed in will be measured first with JCSA Measuring Devices. All other sharks should be tagged and released.

18 All sharks must be caught on rod and reel. 130 pound class maximum. No Harpooning.

19 Maximum of 6 anglers per boat. Maximum of 6 lines Fished at any one time.

20 VHF channel 72 will be channel for all tournament related communications and channel 65 would be the alternate.

21 In the event that the tournament is not filled 100% a straight % of the cash prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries.

22 Any boat with a potentially qualifying fish assisting a distressed boat MUST report the circumstances immediately to a Committee Person or the Weigh Station.

23 In the event that the Tournament is cancelled or no eligible sharks are landed the winner will be determined by a drawing or a rain date will be set.

24 All contestants must read the rules and regulations and agree to abide by them.

25 Weigh-Ins will be between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm @ Captain Bill‘s Landing 49 Inlet Drive, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

26 THIS FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT and returned to JCSA 385 Herbertsville Rd. Brick NJ 08724 no later than the captains’ meetings and entrant

will be given a temporary Jersey Coast Shark Anglers membership for duration of this tournament.

27 Boats SHALL NOT fish within ½ mile of another boat. While underway, please avoid established chum slicks by passing on upwind side.

All fishing must take place 3 miles or more offshore.

28 All vessels fishing in the tournament must have a valid HMS Angling or HMS Charter/Headboat permit.

29 All Calcutta money less 10% charitable donations to NJ Make a Wish Foundation, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Carmelena Cares

will be refunded if no eligible mako sharks are caught.

30 All boats returning to their inlets Even if they do not have a fish to weigh MUST REPORT THEY ARE IN PORT SAFELY. THIS IS MANDATORY!

31 In the event of a participating boat being disabled prior to declared fishing day they may transfer to a substitute vessel and use the disabled vessels boat number.

Any and all calcutta money from the disabled vessel will be transferred to the new vessel.



I understand that in conjunction with engaging in the tournament, I could experience hazards and would be involved in certain risks.

I further recognize that it would be impractical as well as unfair for the Jersey Coast Shark Anglers, it’s officers, directors and committee members, sponsors and/or

any and all persons or boat owners and crew directly or indirectly involved in or connected with this tournament to be liable or responsible in any way for my safety.

I hereby release, hold harmless and forever discharge the Tournament and it’s officers, directors and committee members, sponsors,

the boat owners and their crew from liability and or liable, slander, loss, damage, harm, injury or death suffered by me or which may occur during the Tournament.

I understand this includes any claims based upon any negligent act or mission. I understand that I enter the Tournament at my own risks.

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the general release and agree to abide by the rules and regulations

for competition in the JCSA Mako Fever Tournament and affix my signature hereto.